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About me – Simon Sliphorst
March 1984Once upon a time

I am a writer and director of fiction films and commercial media productions. I have made several short films which have screened at international film festivals en won a few awards.


I studied at APA International Film School in Australia and enjoyed additional masterclasses at Binger Film Institute in the Netherlands from renowned industry professionals such as Mark Travis, Lenore Dekoven and Robert McKee.

My storytelling is visual with a strong atmosphere and primarily focused on audience experience. Therefore I direct for dramatic impact. Although some say I have a distinct artistic signature, I am not the ‘auteur film’ director.

I specialize in the genres thriller and urgent drama. I like to explore human themes that are gritty, risky and avoid clichés, mainstream morals and stories that play safe. I believe the art of film is a visual dramatization of real life in which the storyteller shares his vision. A good film must both provoke the mind, touch the heart and inspire the audience in their own life vision.

I am currently developing two feature film projects. I am always interested in new collaborations with talent and skillful professionals.

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I feel this urgent need to tell stories about the outcasts and misfits of our world, because people who don’t conform acquire valuable and unique insights and wisdom on their life journey

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